Sasha Grey fighting hard

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Sasha Grey is a Porn Star from United States. She was born in North Highlands, Sacramento on March 14, 1988.¬†Sasha Grey began appearing in adult films when she turned 18 in 2006. The beauty kept her dark hair and modest bustline, visually setting herself apart from other adult film stars, and soon earned a serious following. By 2009, she’d appeared in over 150 adult films and was ready to transition into the mainstream, starring in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience as a prostitute named Chelsea, who offers clients not only sex, but the illusion of affection and intimacy. Poised to become a star even outside the ream of pornography, Grey found herself increasingly challenged by the media to discuss issues of feminism, exploitation, and gender politics in the realm of adult film, but had no trouble responding articulately, setting herself apart from others in the industry once again.